Our team ensure that the Centre runs smoothly and efficiently. By working efficiently and attracting investment we have made sure that the best possible equipment is available to our patients. Because our team have a specific focus in helping AF patients our whole service is geared towards meeting your needs.

Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist

The Arrhythmia Clinical Nurse Specialist is a highly experienced cardiac specialist nurse who helps support patients prior to, and after ablations. They will contact all patients prior to admission for pre-assessment and is able to answer most questions and queries. They advise about specific needs such as medication, anticoagulation and aftercare. They will also see most patients during their brief stay.

Cardiac Physiologists

Role of the EP Cardiac Physiologist

A Cardiac Physiologist is a highly trained person who makes up an integral part of the Cath Lab team. Their understanding and interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias and with the skills to use state of the art cardiac mapping systems plays a fundamental role during complex electrophysiology (EP) cases. All our Cardiac Physiologists are BHRS or IBHRE accredited ensuring the best quality Physiologist is with you during your procedure.

For all Cardiac EP cases the Cardiac Physiologists will be present throughout the whole procedure. They will begin by firstly preparing you (the patient) by placing a 12 lead Electrocardiogram (ECG); this will allow for continued monitoring of your heart rhythm throughout the procedure. Additional monitoring equipment will also be attached to you however, the extent of this will vary from case to case (up to an additional 6 electrodes can be added). After discussing the case with the Cardiologist who will be performing the procedure. The Physiologist will then prepare the equipment and catheters required for the case. During the procedure, the Physiologist will sit in the control room and will regularly communicate with the Cardiologist. During this time, they will be monitoring your ECG tracing whilst controlling the complex mapping system which allows the Cardiologist to create a 3D image of your heart.

After the procedure, the cardiac Physiologist, along with the rest of the Cath Lab team will remove all the monitoring equipment and prepare you to be transferred to the recovery suite.

Administration Team

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