AF Treatment London Inpatient services

London Atrial Fibrillation Centre Wards

The wards at London Bridge and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals you will be looked after on are dedicated to the care of cardiac patients. As we are nationally and internationally recognised centres of excellence we have a high volume of patients with cardiac rhythm problems and AF. The doctors and nurses will have looked after many patients similar to you.

Catheter labs

Our catheter labs are dedicated to the treatment of cardiac rhythm problems. They have the most modern cardiac mapping and ablation equipment. This means that whatever the rhythm problem you have you will not find a better place to have it investigated or eliminated.

Heart rhythm mapping technology:

We use state of the art cardiac mapping systems which include; Bard, Carto, Cartomerge (Click here to view Carto Merge Video) , Non-contact (Click here to view Non Contact Video), NavX mapping systems (Click here to view NavX Mapping System Video) and NavX Fusion. We also use robotic technology (Hansen) to assist in complex cases. We use both radiofrequency (heating) and cryotherapy (freezing) to perform ablation. Click here to learn more about these technologies.

Other important facilities:

We have two cardiothoracic theatres on each site (London Bridge and Barts) staffed by the best teaching hospital cardiothoracic surgeons in the country. We also have fully equipped cardiothoracic intensive care units (one at Barts and three at London Bridge)